2008 photo shoot

“Who is She?”

Fearfully and wonderfully constructed

Full lips, big hips, small busted,

Child of a king, the King of kings

Royalty adorned with priestly garments

The anointing is the crown upon her head

She is defined by the words of the 66 books and not what others have said

Specific qualities only previously demonstrated by a few.

[i]Like Eve, she is the Mother of creations.

Judging with authority, understanding her calling and purpose she stands as Deborah,;

Prophetess, speaking ramah .

Courageous to do what others shirk, in hand, hammer and nail as Jael

ready to claim the victory to slay the enemy of God’s people.

No fear, she trusts God, determined,  “if I die, let me die, but I will petition the king” that boldness that comes with the power of fasting, like Esther, she too is a Queen.

Following godly instruction, a spirit to serve, a heart to give, as Ruth, positioned for greatness,

favor released, in her life there was a shift, where there was loss God rewarded with the gift, her latter was greater and from her womb came the ancestors and offspring of David.

An honorable vessel bringing forth life, from her mouth proceeds words of peace and not strife.

The 31st Proverbial woman whose price

is far above rubies she can’t be bought, but by One, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Confident, wise, diligent, giving and prepared

Provider, entrepreneur, watchful and aware

High sense of self because her self is wrapped in Christ Jesus

She pleases her husband; he is a blessed man by being associated with her.

Like Hannah she is not limited by the definitive words of the world

But trusts in God, seeks God until He hears and delivers.

Daughter of Edward and Sarah, my name is “ clay” because I am who God says I am , I will be who He says I will be

He is the potter and by his hands I am created fearfully and wonderfully, who is she?

A marvelous workmanship.

© 6.13.2012